Athens has an excellent network of public transport.  A single ticket allows you to navigate the city of Athens by subway, train, tram and bus for an unlimited number of times within a period of 90 minutes (price for one ticket is 1.40 Euros) or 24 hours or 3 days (various prices). The new Athens Metro system Has been modernised, and is now a modern and organized way for Safe and convenient transportation from six in the morning until midnight every day and until two in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays. It Includes three lines connecting most of the capital's suburbs.

Though Greece does not have an extensive network of railways, the railway line connects Piraeus port to the airport (The ticket price is 8 Euros per passenger, 14 Euros for two passengers).

Athens Tram is also new; it connects the city to the southern suburbs with links to the Metro system stations.

Public transport network in the Athens includes a combination of buses (that cover almost all areas in Greece) and locomotives, supervised by the "Civil Transport Authority". Taxis are also available at a reasonable tariff, but beware of fraud.

Cycling is not recommended in Athens due to the traffic congestion and some aggressive drivers, and also because of the lack of city facilities for cycling (unlike the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries).

Athens has been twinned with many different capitals and cities around the world, including Istanbul, Beirut and Bethlehem.